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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I want to fly like an eagle

To the sea 
Fly like an eagle 
Let my spirit carry me 
I want to fly like an eagle 
Till I'm free 
Oh, Lord, through the revolution

I Leave tomorrow (Sunday) to go to LA (not for pleasure unfortunately), so I thought I would pay tribute to the style of the Air Hostess, Flight Attendant or Stewardess Style through the years. 

My mom was a United Stewardess from 1966-2001 so I have always been inspired by the Airline Uniform. I especially loved the Style of Braniff whose uniforms were designed by Pucci and National Airlines. I loved my National Airlines Fly Me Tshirt.

I also hope this song inspires you as well. Time Keeps on Slippin' Slippin' Slippin' into the future....

Steve Miller Fly Like An Eagle Lyrics


  1. love d first two fotos...where did u dig em up from.....

  2. I love the vintage stewardess photos...thanks for sharing.

  3. i cant believe they use to dress like that!

  4. so cute-Marc used to make so many stewardess influenced looks xo

  5. inspiring costumes! love the vintage..great blog :)

  6. How cool that your mom was a stewardess!

    Love this post so!


  7. I have had that top image of the 70s stewardesses in their hotpants on my wall for years... it's always been my Plan B career!

  8. thanks for the inspiration! this is awesome <3

  9. i love this post!
    the second photo is love :)

  10. Haha...I love this post. I used to have a Flight Attendant Barbie who wore the most fabulous pink stewardess outfit - I always wanted to be one myself. How fun that your mom actually was!

    Have a safe trip tomorrow, my love!! :)

  11. ahhaha love that song! the outfits r pretty cool! and cool, ur coming to la! i hope u enjoy ur stay here!

  12. you are going to be so near!! yee haw!


  13. Its a Briliant inspiration, I could see U are very proud of your mom,
    Yeah stewardess is like model in air runways
    Forever and Ever By Dian Prad
    follow? exchange link?

  14. WONDERFUL PHOTOS! This makes me think of Catch Me if You Can with Leonardo Dicaprio. I love that era. Great photos...

    nice bloG!


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