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Thursday, March 4, 2010

What the F**K??

The Beautiful Chandelier I posted Yesterday was made from Tampons! Yuck!

How could something so beautiful.......

Not a Style Revolution!


  1. Wow. I guess things can look very nice from far? But tampons... Good thing they're not used.

  2. I think it all the more interesting that it is made of tampons. The shape is pretty conventional - nice but a wee bit boring. It's the material that makes it interesting (it will probably also give most men their first sight of a tampon: I have never seen one in real life).

  3. Genius, i like out of the box ideas :o]

  4. wow, someone had a lot of time on their hands, lol...very creative :)

  5. well, I think it's cooler that it's made out of tampons than something typical. shows beauty in all least they weren't used!

  6. sweet! i was kind of close with the anal beads.... well not really. (=;


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