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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Know I'm A Dreamer

But My Heart's Of Gold
Just Take This Song And You'll
Never Feel Left All Alone
I'm On My Way
Well, I'm On My Way
Home Sweet Home
Lyrics  Motley Crue 
Song Home Sweet Home
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  1. You have me somewhere, standing there on that corner lot, in those hot spanking pants, oil pump high heels, and a smoke...staring off into the sun.

  2. Great pics

  3. i want those pants in the top pic. i wanted to do a diy with pants like that, but after i did the shorts and they were a pain in my ass--i can't imagine doing pants. but maybe. do you really want me to do a diy? i will, but it's ultra easy. maybe i will do a quick one to show you tonite. thanks for all of your sweet words and your loyalty, i love that and i totally dig you!


  4. wow love this post! just like every other! LOVE your blog s much! such an inspiration. bookmarking you now!
    hope you can stop by mine sometime!

  5. Love the pictures, especially the cheeky Tee... very cool!


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