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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Business of Style .... Stiffing

This Saturday Morning I'm watching the Kell on Earth Episode 3: 

Where Nicolas Petrou stiffs Kelly Cutrone’s People’s Revolution 

If you have not seen this episode...In a Nutshell...

Designer Nicolas Petrou stiffs People’s Revolution for their work promoting him. Even though some of the leading fashion and men’s wear publications were there, he was probably just bitter over the poor reception of his work. Kelly Cutrone threatened to sue him for the money owed over the phone, but decided to just eat the money and talk about about how he steal money from publicists on television and with her publicist friends.
Although Nicolas Petrou managed to steal services from People’s Revolution, he still benefits from the work they did for him, displaying the images taken from this event on his website and proclaiming the list of publications who reviewed him on his About page, which is press that People’s Revolution helped score.
Would you TELL The world like Kell Did??

I thought I was going into business with someone who turned on me and STOLE a $15,000 deposit for a Retail location in the Malibu Country Mart, $4000 Cash, A list of supplies... etc...etc...  Then Opened the store in a new name... Using the Chandeliers, Paint, Picture Frames that are being used for Jewelry Cases (which She STOLE that idea from the Varvatos store in the same Country Mart Location) .

 I PAID for all of this with the small inheritance I got from my Hard Working Class Grandmother after her death.

(She posts pictures on her blog with these chandeliers)

She trying to promote that store as hers. Makes no attempt to pay me back. Has a list of vendors (besides me) she has stiffed. 

She has a blog and some supporters who are being, in lack of a better term, FOOLED by this thief.

I feel like I should not be quiet. People need to know that a Lying UGLY Thief is parading around our World of Style.   

Do I tell and then let it go or just let it go? 


  1. I like how you mention that the thief is ugly. Personally, I have never so much as heard of the show Kell on Earth, but I would have to speak up, as well - I can't stand liars! :)

  2. I truly think you shouldnt let anyone get away with that at all


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