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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Style of Business: Should a con be graced with the title of Artist??

I bought these two pieces at a boutique in Los Angeles. Made by a really cool ARTIST called Urban Hardwear.

I bought 3 of these really cute bracelets; one for me and one for each of my daughters.

A friend bought three of these dog tags; Journey, Passion & Dream (for $35 each). They are so cute. They have inspirational messages with a leather dog tag on the back.

These beautiful pieces are available on Urbanhardwear. She really deserves the support of those who appreciates her craft. Each piece is made with love and integrity.

This Artist is NOT a Con.

Just a sweet, trusting young lady who believed in the same individual I did. She left thousands of dollars of hard worked hand made merchandise in a shop and trusted she would be paid when items were sold. Merchandise was sold to me, my friend and a FedEx Driver  (and a list of more) but this talented artisan was NEVER paid! She has a contract (great) but the con doesn't have the guts to take responsibility to  people she cons and continues to con ... Just bullys and manipulates the system.

So my advice .... If you want to sell your products to any store, boutique, etc... Get Paid UPFRONT or GET REFERENCES and References for the References.

I can be a reference. I have a list of over 2 DOZEN wonderful vendors/people who have not been paid, and yet there merchandise was sold.

Be cautious on who you support... You may be supporting A Con right now.

I am so inspired by the weekly posting by Trust Your Style that I want to give my professional input. I am not a Harvard MBA but, I do have a Bachelors Degree in International Finance, experience in the Fashion and Beauty Industry (I won BEST overall product at the Extracts NYC), Working in my Familys Businesses that are still in existence since 1954, Running a Web Business and Finally Being Conned by a Master.

Well, I now have an Honorary Masters Degree in recognizing those who believe that stealing from people is an Art.

We as a community need to look out for each other.


  1. awful! but her pieces are amazing xx

  2. What gorgeous jewelery, but so awful about the con. :( Thank you for bringing this to light!

  3. the first bracelet is really cute!


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