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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have it your way @ Shoes of Prey


So ... We at The Style Revolution know we can design our own sneakers.

But... What if our inner Jimmy Choo is screaming inside?? We found a BADASS Solution!

Down under Sydney-based online shoe retailer Shoes of Prey is pioneering the design-your-own stylish, custom-made women's shoes.

Shoes of Prey's easy online design tool puts bespoke shoes within reach with just a few clicks for women wanting to design their dream shoes and have them hand-crafted.

Choose the style, heel type, heel height, adornments and colors and select from raw materials including calf skin, snake skin, fish skin, silk and more, which makes for a near infinite number of possible combination.

They ship Worldwide... Did you hear that Girls??

This service is backed by a generous unbelievable returns policy which guarantees that if the shoes don't fit, they will remake them until they do; and if you don't like your design, you can send the shoes back for a full refund OR have a new design made for them free of charge.

Retailers—Shoes of Prey welcomes you who are interested in offering the design-your-own shoes tool under your own brand.

What do you have to lose?? NATTA!

Watch out Choo & Louboutin!!


  1. Ooh, I love this idea. I want to design my own shoes!! :)

  2. Gorgeous!
    Love the guarantee too!


  3. what? really? i like this! off to check out my shoe choices...
    xoxo alison

  4. WHAT!!!!!

    that is insanity.

    i like it

  5. Wat a great Idea...luv it!

    P.S: I linked to u :o]

  6. very very interesting! I will have to check it out, thanks for the intro to Shoes of Prey ;)


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