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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Intoxicated Astrology??


Intoxicated Zodiac was founded by Gwen Sutherland Kaiser– a bonafide mixologist, blogger and artist. 

Her cocktail recipes have been published on the and in print. 

She has worked in the fashion and design industries since Graduating from FIT. Her life-long interest in the occult led her to study the Zodiac which has resulted in the unique concept of Cocktail Astrology. 

"Intoxicated Zodiac mixes those classic bar scene lines “Can I buy you a drink” and “What’s your sign,” and serves them up with a twist. So, raise your glass to the stars, where we all have Martini Rising!"

The Scent for Gemini sounds AMAZING!


  1. haha, nice idea, who wld have thought zodiac could be intoxicating :o]

    P.S: u are linked :o]

  2. haha what a cute idea

  3. thanks everyone... and THANKS style revolution for the shout out... the shot candles make a great valentine's day gift, especially if you give the candle, along with the ingredients to make the cocktail with! CHEERS : ) gwen

  4. Gwen ... No problem. I call like I see em and your candles look AMAZING!!


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