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Friday, February 5, 2010

Stealing is so last Season .... Conde'is getting Nasty

This season its FRAUD .....

Condé Nast is asking employees to rat out fellow coworkers using a new fraud hotline.

The memo from Chief Financial Officer John Bellando, revealed the company is setting up its first ever anti-fraud system so employees can turn in aka RAT out crooked co-workers--whether they are hacking into computer systems, not declaring vacation days or just scoring a big unauthorized discount.

The Fraud Reporting Hotline will try to stop "release of proprietary information, accounting/audit irregularities, falsification of company records, theft of goods/services/cash," and even "unauthorized discounts/payoffs."

"Fraud is detremintal to the company--and ultimately to each one of us," said Bellando's memo.

Aren't they worried that by protecting the culture, they're ruining it?

Working there is getting so ugly (in ways other than physical), soon only ugly people will want to work there.

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