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Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Revolution in Advertising ... Will turn you upside down

Literally... The upside down Gap store is turning heads in Vancouver. 

The Cam Pain is called “Sprize”, which is supposedly going to “turn shopping on it’s head.”  

I think it will turn heads for sure though It may hurt your neck.... I think they could have come up with something more clever.


  1. acE ! now you can see the contents of the bags!

  2. i agree! haha.. i think staring at that long enough would give me a massive headache!

  3. interesting. that must have been a pain to install!

  4. intersting thing go to try to shop someting of that...

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  5. I agree...they should get some new advertising staff :)
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  6. yes I saw that! There was one day they had cars turned upside down out front too - lol!


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