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Monday, February 15, 2010

Style Revolution: Its all in the Jeans

I'm always on the lookout for Great Fitting Denim....Ladies isn't our quest for the Holy Grail??

My new Found Favorite was recommended by the girls at True Religion on Robertson. Its the Julie. And can I tell you.... These girls were right on! I'm in love with these Jeans. They are great for shorter people (I am 5'3), girls with a bit of a backside and tiny waists. These fit perfectly!!!

My second Favorite is Siwy... Her Camilla shorts are the BEST.


These shorts Rock....

So if I giver you my 2 cents for the day... These would be my Denim Style Revolutions!

I would love to hear your faves!


  1. i am always pleased to hear denim recommendations...i never seem content!! thanks for sharing.
    xox alison

  2. oh those shorts are to die for, d jeans are ripped so subtly its perfect for a dressy look even

  3. I am always looking for the same but I have usually no luck. Thanks for the recommendation.

    B* a la Moda

  4. i love it! love the second more even more! i'm gonna upload some pretty jeans on my blog soon don't know when though....have lots to do these days hehe, thank your for the comments! gonna follow you! xxxxx

  5. Love your collection!That impersonation was spot on. Bravo!

  6. have a pair of joe's jeans i love...and ripped this weekend. not in a good way haha


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