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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What does say about your Name??

I thought this was so cool...


Tracy is the girl of every guy's dream. She has a rocking body with a fine ass and a wonderful smile. She is the hybrid of a hot rockstar and a nerd. She has perfect skin and her smile lights up the world. Every day I see her, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. She has everything and IS my everything. There's no one that can compare to her.

She's the girl i'm in love with.

That was it said for my name...... Whats Yours??


  1. thats awesome, they dont have my real name but for emma it says: I REALLY hot girl who is REALLY funny and irresistable to all guys. You either want to be here or be with her.


  2. coool blog!
    lol- i've done that before! i forgot what my name means again, but it ended up being a very funny definition! i love looking things up on urban dictionary! :]

    -redheaded guru

  3. I dont think anyone's written about my name lol.

  4. Very cool, darling!
    Will have to check it out!


  5. Ohhhhhhmigosh I LOVE this! Here's mine (Erika)...

    "Possibly one of the sexiest girls on the face of the earth. They are so much fun to be around, But, a downside is that they are too fine for you. Usually not skanks or hoes have tons of friends and are in middle class families. Has friends that will destroy people that want to harm her. Gets hit on a lot by guys isn't stuck up or a bitch, although they tend to have a bitchy friend or two."

  6. i really need to go see what my name means!

  7. Ya!..I did that..
    1. Teri>
    an AMAZING girl who is SAXY.
    that girl is a teri, i cant get her outta my head.
    amazing saxy beautiful bootylicious hott

    2. Teri >

    Comes from the French Word " Renard" or as the english say, "Fox"
    look at that that Boy Hump like a Teri...?!

    But, I took a wrong turn and ended up at "Dirty Sanchez"....a Bad, bad 'stash. Don't go there.


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