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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Imagine ... Having endless closet space

A dream come true! 
Garde Robe provides museum-quality storage and maintenance, professional photography and cataloging, virtual Cyber Closet look books, same-day pick up, delivery and shipping and a host of elegant and convenient "wardrobe butler" services for fashion devotees

The BEST .... Luggage Free Travel
 There are services (that I've never heard of) that will ship your travel bags, but the folks at Garde Robe will go as far as pack your bags. Along with keeping and cataloging your clothes, they will now ship them to your destination. Before traveling, customers visit the Web site to view photos of their garments in storage and click on the items they want  delivered. When the luggage is shipped back, Garde Robe's valet service takes care of cleaning and any repairs.

A Brilliant Revolution in Traveling in Style!!


  1. i definitely need someone to organize my closet desperately!!


  2. I cannot imagine having enough expendable income to get this, but its very cool.

  3. Such a smart idea! Yet maybe expensive?

  4. I can only imagine how much more expensive that is then using other services. I recently used Luggage Forward for a quick 2 day trip to Colorado before I headed out to California for work. I sent my skis and clothes to the hotel and then back home so I didnt have to lug, check, pay etc for my bags to follow me to California. On a side note, the idea of other people having your clothes just locked away god knows where is just a little sketchy for me. A. I dont travel that much to have a 2nd wardrobe that I dont have access too and B....well thats it...ill keep my clothes in my closet thank you very much!



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