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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let me get that Boom Boom Sneaker...

Can you tell a lot about a man by his shoes? Sneaker Collectors and Themed sneaker art is increasing in popularity.

Bonafide Sneaker collectors, like MKB Collection, chase down the most unique kicks for their collections.

Artists are getting big money for their works, with artists like Caspian De Looze (commissioned work for the likes of Pink, MGMT and the Foo Fighters) and David White are joining the craze commanding $2,500 a pair.

If you want that one piece of the Sneaker Revolution no one has, custom kicks are the way to go.


  1. How cool that artists are making a living putting their creations on sneakers - love this idea. Unfortunately, I never wear sneakers - but I love the result!! :)

  2. awesome stuff, i like these sort of raw street art on sneaks, it gives the a whole new attitude or should i say vibe. :o]

    P.S: u are linked :o]

  3. i remembered when i used to get the hots for guys in red converse...that used to be all a guy had to do to impress me!


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